• The vision is to develop a generation of young people who are both mentally and spiritually capable of contributing to society, community service and leading a movement for our country's oppressed citizens.


  • The National Service Scheme has been operating under the slogan "NOT ME BUT YOU" in an effort to motivate students to serve the public, and as a result, NSS aims to combine education with community service by participating in such activities that are not only intended for the development of society but also facilitate the overall development of the volunteers


  • The NSS unit has been developed with some short-term & some long-term goals. They are as follows
  • Making education more pertinent to the current situation in order to address the perceived requirements of the communities and to enhance students' education by exposing them to the realities of the local community
  • To give students the chance to participate in the implementation of various development programs by organizing and carrying out development projects that not only aid in the creation of long-lasting community assets in slums and rural areas but also improve the situation of weaker groups within the communities
  • Encourage both students and non-students to work alongside adults in rural regions, in order to build students' character, social conscience, and dedication as well as their discipline and positive attitudes toward the community
  • Fostering the development of future young leaders by examining latent potential among the NSS volunteers, including students and local kids (from both rural and urban areas), with a view to more deeply involving them in development initiatives for longer periods of time. The local leadership that was developed because of the NSS activities will also be helpful in ensuring the correct upkeep of the assets produced by the NSS unit
  • Promoting national integration via democratic life and cooperative action, and inspiring youngsters to actively engage in the process of national development

NSS Committee Members :

Sr. No. Name of Committee Members Post
1.  Mr.Prathamesh S.Thakur
Program Officer
2.Dr. Mahadev Chavan
Program Officer
3.Mrs. Rajshree Mhatre
Program Officer
4.Mr. Rahul Kamble
5Ms. Pratiksha Patil
6.Mrs. Karishma Kadav
7.Ms. Kaveri Ghogare