ALUMNI MEMBERSHIP FORM


Ramsheth Thakur College of Commerce and Science, Kharghar Alumni Association (reg.) welcomes all alumni to join our great community which endeavours to impart, share and collaborate our collective experience among ourselves, the society and the current students.Come together to enrich your life with the joy of giving back to our beloved institution, your juniors and synchronise your expertise to make our society the better place to live in


  • Bridging the gap between academia and industry with the help of the expertise of alumni.


  • To promote exchange of academic and corporate experience with the students
  • To mentor and channelize the efforts of the students seeking better opportunities to learn and grow.
  • To promote a goodwill and sense of pride to both alumni and current students.
  • To help and support alumna/alumnus to develop and spread a philanthropic and entrepreneurial mindset among current students
  • To advise and conduct activities that shall motivate and upgrade student skill sets.
  • To work with college assets to suggest new technologies and improvements that shall benchmark industrial expectations.

RTCCS Alumni Association Members

Sr. No. Name Post
1 Dr. Rupendra Gaikwad President
2 Mrs. Ankita Jangid Secretary
3 Mr. Mahesh Dhaygude Joint Secretary
4 Mr. Pravar Sharma Treasurer
5  Mr. Rewan Shinde 
6 Ms. Rupali Nagarekar Member
7   Mr. Rahul Kambe  Member
8 Mr. Madhur  Koli Member
9 Mr. Akshay Jagtap Member
10 Mr. Arfat Shail Khamkar  Member
11 Mr. Sanket Gaikwad Member
12Mr. Gurudatta Pushpendra MohanMember
13Ms. Fatima Kazi


Activities Conducted

Sr.No. Activities Objectives / Theme No. of Participants Outcomes Remark
1 Alumni Talk To maintain the updated & current information of all Alumni. To encourage, foster & promote close relations among the alumni themselves and students. 28 Learners would learn to interact with our Alumni to ascertain possible ways & means of collaboration which would help the college in various ways. 

2Expert session  on CA Foundation 
The main objective of this session was to motivate students on achieving success in CA Foundation.
35Students  appreciated the session and positively agreed to extend support for outreach activity.